Letting Go of Mr. Wrong and Frenemies to Become Ms. Right

couple-breaking-up-378x414Women are indeed incredible beings that grace this planet with grace, beauty and compassion that can only come from a woman.  As we strive in becoming the ultimate example of the woman reflected in our hearts stumbling blocks are encountered.  Some of these stumbling blocks come in the form of the wrong companions and friends. Friendships and relationships that rob us of our destiny. Relationships that deposit into our vessel and cloud our vision to our purpose. Have you ever loved someone that has taken away from your vessel? Someone that deposited into your spirit negative energies that robbed, killed and destroyed your self-esteem? If not you, do you know of someone and wondered how could they stay or befriend such individuals?

As women, we are both nurturers and problem-solvers; with a super natural feeling that we can love what’s wrong into right. One of my life changing challenges is loving the wrong individuals. People that have encountered my life with their personal demons that overflowed into creating problems in mine. Women, wives, mothers sisters and citizens of our community must be accountable and aware of those we allow into our lives. I had to learn, the hard way, that everyone we encounter in life doesn’t necessarily have to be a part of it.

Reflect on the relationships in your life. Is there anyone in your life that robs you of joy on a daily basis? How are you managing this situation? Are you letting this person just have their way? After seven years married to someone addicted to drugs, I walked away with physical and emotional scars that would take a lifetime to heal. I never in my life practiced the use of drugs but it provided me a straight ride to Hell and my faith brought me back. Finding myself in the day that could have ended my life gave me the strength to claim it. Think about the people in your life, is there someone that you must let go in order to find yourself? I am not promoting anyone to walk away from challenging relationships but think about the purpose of these relationships in your life. Begin to make decisions that promote advancement to your best life.

Society has turned the concept of back-stabbing friends into the humorous brand of “frenemies” as a part of life. Our intimate circle of friends should include those friends that support growth and encouragement, our support group. Speak with those individuals and have those critical conversation of the purpose for your relationships. There are some individuals lacking the basic communication skills and aren’t approachable but it’s up to you to make the best decisions for your life.

Mr. and Ms. Wrong in your life can deposit substances that are not life giving, promoting low self-esteem and self-destructive habits of thinking their opinions and actions are validated. I had the misconception from my seven year experience with Mr. Wrong that my life was meaningless because if I couldn’t love him enough to change that I was worthless. Millions of women lose themselves in the wrong relationship but are able to find themselves with steps to a better life without them. The first step is acknowledging the relationship is not benefiting you and the effects of it. Now understand there are different levels of this situation and this writer is writing on the situations that cross the line into mental, emotional and physical abuse. Those relationships that bring shame and embarrassment. The second step is make a plan to leave in the safest way possible. Disassociate yourself from those individuals that drill holes in your ship while you are rowing. The third step is create a positive circle of friends that are supportive and encouraging; friends that tell you what you “need” to hear not always what you “want” to hear.

What happens next? Once you have rid your life of challenges brought on by the wrong individuals, do an inventory of those deposits left in your vessel, your spirit. Begin to deposit affirmations aligned with your purpose. Be mindful of traits of weakness that attract you to the wrong individuals. Make sure you aren’t assigning major roles in your life to minor people.
There is no one walking the Earth that is perfect but don’t let the imperfections of others rob, steal or destroy your purpose in life to be an amazing woman.

by Yolanda Snipes

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