Letters to a Cancer Patient (4)

My Beloved Daughter,

Fear not,  for I have heard your voice (Genesis 21:17) and your prayer has been heard (Luke 8:50) and my daughter, I will do for you all that you have asked of me (Ruth 3:11) , for you have remained hopeful, you have given your testimony and I will not make you ashamed. (Psalm 119:116, Psalm 119:31, Romans 10:11, Isaiah 50:17, Isaiah 49:23)  

So, never think that you are all alone, because I will never leave you or forsake you.  (Hebrews 13:15)

I know what it looks like right now, but I will come with vengeance and save you.  (Isaiah 35:4)

Let go of all your fear, because I have not given you that spirit (II Timothy 1:7) 

I said, “fear not” in the Bible 365 times, so everyday you could speak it and hear it. (Psalm 46:1-2, Genesis 26:24, Isaiah 35:4, Deuteronomy 31:8, Luke 2:10, Isaiah 43:1, Isaiah 44:2, Joel 2:21 , Genesis 15:1)  

Yes, enter my house with praise and never leave heavy and depressed. (Psalm 100:4)  

Continue to cast your cares upon me and I will give you rest. (1 Peter 1:4) 

The winds of life are blowing, but do not become uneased, live by faith and not by sight; put your trust in me (2 Corinthians 5:7)  

This fire will not consume you. You will come out like pure gold;

for I am the Lord, thy God and I have full control. (John 10:17-18) 

P.S.  Remember that the diagnosis belongs to the doctor, but the PROGNOSIS belongs to GOD!

Love Always,

~ Phaedra T. Anderson

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