Let me guess, “New Year, New You”?

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On New Year’s Eve, the average person usually has a list of personal goals they plan on following and abiding by once the New Year officially begins. Most common goals, such as saving money and getting in shape, have not only made these New Year’s Resolution lists very dull but, in my opinion, pretty cliché. They say “New Year, New Me,” and all I can respond with is “Is it really?” It seems that everyone wants to accomplish the exact same goals every year. The worst part is, once people begin to fall off course of their plans, they usually accept their losses and forget all about it. The truth is, if we were really concerned about bettering ourselves, we wouldn’t wait until the beginning of a new year to do it.

Here’s a secret: January 1st marks the beginning of a new calendar, not your life. Every day we wake up is a new beginning. You have the ability to learn from yesterday, enjoy today, and prepare for tomorrow. Why not pack lunch that morning, research workout plans during your break at work, and compliment the person walking past you in the parking lot? You’ve just saved about $10 of buying fast food during your lunch break, initiated your fitness goals, and improved your interpersonal skills all in one day!

There is nothing wrong with wanting to use the New Year to initiate some changes in your life, but it should not be your motivation. Tomorrow is promised to no man, so make every day count.

Happy New Year!

By Ashley Cottrell

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