By writing contributor Phaedra Anderson

As I sit back and reflect on the first quarter of 2011 I have to ask myself “What am I building?” If I look at life like a child surrounded in a big playroom with a bunch of colorful legos, in all shapes and sizes but equally cut to mix, match and to build upon, I wonder if I’ve already started to cheat myself this year? Am I not taken advantage of all of the pieces? Am I building too small? Am I not taken my time and strategically putting the larger pieces on the bottom as my foundation or am I taken the easy route and just building upon the smaller pieces? Am I sticking with the familiar pieces, because I’m too afraid to explore with the others? Have I already started to force pieces to go where they don’t belong? And could that be the very reason why what I am building appears to be tilted?

If we look at the pieces of life like “legos” we will begin to see that the sky is the limit with what we can build as it relates to our spiritual growth, education, wealth, finances, ideas, inventions and so forth. Play with the big pieces, as well as, the smaller pieces and not just the ones that you are familiar with. Sometimes we need to try something new and get a different shape, color and or size in order for what we are building to stand firm. The key is to not cheat yourself. God has given HIS children full access to all of the “legos” in their playroom, so utilize them and don’t build too small.
By: Phaedra Anderson

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