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L.O.V.E., What Does it Mean to You?


By Latasha M. Ford


Love is pure. Love is authentic. Love is comforting. Love is strength. Love is air. Love is free. Love is happiness. Love is trust. Love is sacrificial. Love should flow naturally. Love is calm. Love is patient. Love is joyous. Love is honesty. Love is warm. Love is peace. Love is exciting. Love withstands all. Love is dear. Love is promising. Love is sweet. Love is beyond words. Love has no boundaries. Love is uncontrollable. Love is intentional. Love is equal. Love is just. Love is everything when shared with that perfect someone. You will always know that it is true love when you not only view things from your own perspective but can also allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to enter into that sacred space of seeing things from the other person’s perspective. Love isn’t solely about self.

Love will move you into a space of compromise and self-reflection but only when you have crossed paths with your equal. It is a beautiful space to share with someone when you both are certain that the other is worthy of your time, energy, space, presence, body and most importantly your heart. Love has no color, weight, height, credentials, or any other adolescent-minded specifics when your hearts immediately sync with one another. There

is no control involved when that natural connection is present. Love has no timetable. Love doesn’t exist on a calendar nor Apple watch. It does not move based on a birth year, especially when you get older. Love effortlessly flows. Love happens when the time is right. It doesn’t have to be years or countless months along the line for you to know that you’ve met your king or queen. Love has a glow. A glow that you may not fully recognize, but others can clearly see you walking in it. Love has no space for negative energy, mean words, or ugliness shown towards others. When there is love, the world you reside in feels so damn good. It not only feels good, but it also offers such a naturally lightweight feeling.

Love warrants no lies, cheating, abuse, or disrespect. This occurs when you not only love that person but are actually in love with that person. There is a difference between the two. Love is having each other’s back despite whatever ups and downs the other person may face. Love is knowing what that person needs without them having to voice a word. Love stays on the mind. You think about that person when you wake up in the morning, move throughout your day, travel for work purposes, and rest your head for the night. Love is that thing you feel when you lock eyes for the first time and say to yourself, “YASS, you are the one.” Love is when you can envision yourself being with that person for the long haul. Love is when you surprise yourself by doing or saying things in which you would have never thought you would do or say prior. Love is precious and being in love is priceless. Know that you deserve this type of love.


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