Know Your Worth

In today’s society, beauty and self-image are two of the largest forms of propaganda used by social media, especially of women. From commercials to magazines, companies are constantly telling us all day, every day, how to look, what to wear, and what we lack. Although these ads are only to market products and retail, society doesn’t realize they’re tearing down a woman’s self-esteem, most importantly that of our younger generation. There are too many young women out there feeling worthless, and not enough older women building up their confidence.

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The truth is, there are still plenty of women out there who’ve had the plastic surgery, used the cosmetics, bought the expensive clothing, and are still unsatisfied. Understand that until you look in the mirror and truly feel good about the person looking back at you, no one else can convince you otherwise. Ladies, it’s time to stand up, not only for yourself, but for your mother, sister, daughter, and every woman you know who feels less than what they truly are. Remember, you can’t pronounce the word “beautiful” without saying “be you.” Sista, you are one of a kind. There is no one else who walks like you walk, and talks like you talk. You have your own unique gifts and talents that can’t be learned, but are God-given. Make-up is okay and name-brands are fine, but they are only accessories, they do not determine your worth. You’re a queen, honey, and there shouldn’t be anyone or anything telling you otherwise!



by Ashley Cottrell



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