Keep Striving for your Career as a Millennial

By Nsi Amah

As a millennial, it’s hard to find a job in your field, especially after graduation. It is quite disappointing that many college graduates either don’t go into their chosen career field or it takes them longer to get it. A lot of factors go into this – not enough experience, a worthless degree, or lack of connections. In many cases, college students aren’t given the guidance that they need because of the lack of programs.

After graduation it is best to polish up that resume to the best of your ability. Highlight your best jobs, including what you have done and achieved in the company. Highlight the skills you have learned over the years in college and working. It is also great to showcase some classes that you have excelled in while studying. Do whatever you can to make yourself the best candidate to the companies you are applying for. Get very friendly with some of your favorite professors and maintain a relationship with them. This way, you can ask them for a letter of recommendation that can boost you in the hiring process.

Being consistent with making connections is super important. You never know who you will meet and who can help you in the long run. Maintain a good relationship with your old bosses and stay close with them. Make your way to networking events as well and submit your resume to companies that you are interested in. Anything can happen with just a foot in the door. 

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Some internships will hire recent graduates in their related field; you can find them online or through your college. Ask your professors or guidance counselors at your university to help you along and point you in the right direction. Internships are golden to have on your resume because you can showcase your work and get recommendations from them. It is not always easy to grab an internship, especially when you are a busy student, so it’s good to use your professors as a reference.

It is best to make use of job websites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor or Indeed. These career sites will send you jobs that are hiring once you sign up and subscribe. Once you create an account, start applying to jobs immediately and also go directly to the job posting website. If you have friends in that particular company, it wouldn’t hurt to send them your resume and ask for a referral. You have to make use of the people you know.

The key is to be resilient and don’t give up on your dreams. This will take time, effort and some help from others. Trust me, all this struggle and tears will be worth it. Sometimes it takes small steps, such as applying to companies similar to your dream job just to get your foot in the door. That way you can work there for a year or two just to build your resume. In addition, you can take classes to build on your skills and gain certificates. Do what you need to do to be the best candidate for the job.

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