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Kameka Johnson (2)When there’s a void you must fill it. That’s exactly what Kameka Barrett, founder of Kami Cosmetics did when her passion for beauty and her urge to promote confidence in women took over. As a teen, Kameka fell in love with makeup and never looked back. While selling cosmetics for years with other companies, she felt women weren’t getting the amazing experience they deserved while trying out makeup.
Kami Cosmetics is based from three amazing key factors: health, luxury, and pigment. When asked about her choice of factors, Kameka had this to say:
Health- “Our products are manufactured in a safe environment with regulated FDA standards. Our eyeshadows and hi-def pigments are Ophthalmology tested so that women with sensitive eyes or who wear contact lenses should feel safe wearing Kami. Most of all, our products are not tested on animals.”
Luxury- The components used during the manufacturing process are superb quality. This lends itself to the luxurious experience of using Kami Cosmetics for the first time and over and over again.”
Pigment- Kami Cosmetics are three times the pigment and true to color; therefore they are super enriched for longer lasting wear.”
With building confidence in women at the forefront of Kami Cosmetics, it was only fitting for the butterfly to be chosen as the company’s symbol to connect women, beauty, and cosmetics. When asked about her choice of symbol Kameka shared the following:
Kami Cosmetics logo (2)“I wanted a symbol that women all over the world can relate to. Before the butterfly becomes a butterfly, it’s a caterpillar. As women we go through different stages and changes in our lives. I was able to connect this with beauty and makeup since a woman’s bare face is like a blank canvas. Applying quality makeup and amazing artistry technique will give her a different look. Whether it’s a light everyday make up or dramatic makeup. There is a transformation.”
You know you’re on the right path when Beyonce’s makeup artist requests one of your collections. “I was so excited when Beyonce’s makeup artist Francesca Tolot’s office contacted me requesting our January 2014 Black Orchid Collection. After sending it to her, she loved them and took pictures and posted it to her social media. So you never know which celebrity is wearing KAMI!”
lipstick (2)With each collection the colors are more beautiful and intense. I had to ask how does one narrow it down to certain colors.
Kameka responded with, “I watch what’s trending or I try to be innovative. At times it’s a bit difficult, for there are so many colors. I choose colors that will be suitable for all my Butterflies of all skin tones.”

Kameka wants women to feel they have a luxury brand they can go to that provides luxurious, long lasting, true pigmented color products. The end result is having an amazing feeling all day from a “Top shelf beauty brand” that provides confidence. Kami is currently online at
Not only is Kameka brilliant at producing amazing products for women and making them feel beautiful and confident, she is also amazing at inspiring women to be their own butterfly. In her own words:
“I want women to love and accept themselves no matter what shape, size, background or what society defines as beauty. I want women to feel confident and stay true to themselves. To not be afraid to unleash their truth. I believe every woman has that “Sasha fierce” in them. An alter ego that is yearning to be expressed.
I want women to know that no matter what skin tone they have, if they want to wear a green, blue, yellow, orange, nude, pink, red lip they can. I want women to know that “confidence is beauty and beauty is confidence” -Kameka Barrett


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