Jacques Chevelle : Starring as Jaget in new Nickelodeon Series Side Hustle

By Chelsea Young

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Here at Bronze, we love telling the stories of Hollywood’s newest faces. Most recently, we had the chance to talk to Jacques Chevelle, cast member of Nickelodeon’s latest comedy series Side Hustle.

At age eleven Jacques Chevelle had the idea to pursue acting and decided to attend an open call with over 300 people. 

“The open calls are brutal because you see how much the odds are stacked against you.” Jacques explained “But little me said to myself ‘Yep, this is it!’”

Since this big leap, Jacques has worked on many projects. He starred as the lead in the comedy short Sex Digits, acted in theatre productions such as MacBeth and Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors, and performed in musicals including Shrek the Musical, Into the Woods, Wedding Singer, and more.

Jacques’s latest role could be considered his big break by anyone who grew up watching shows such as Drake and Josh, The Amanda Show, and True Jackson VP. Jacques is currently starring as Jaget in the latest Nickelodeon comedy series Side Hustle. The show follows two teenage girls who need to make money after destroying a boat belonging to their neighbor Munchy’s dad. The three decide to make an app for odd jobs and Jaget, as Munchy’s older protective brother, is asked to step in.

“My character Jaget is given power by his dad to keep them in line to make sure they’re bringing in cash every week.” Jacques explained. “My job is to keep checking in and to make sure they’re doing things right by my standards.”

We asked Jacques what it felt like to be a part of Nickelodeon, a network where many major faces in the industry got their start.

“It is insane to be one of Nickelodeon’s cast members!” He exclaimed. “I recall some of my favorite shows like iCarly and All That with Kenan and Kel, especially their famous orange soda sketch.”

With such a diverse background, Jacques would love to continue his work with theater as well.

“There’s nothing like living in a different character for two hours on stage!” he explained.

As for his dream role, he would love to do anything with Viola Davis.

“She inspires me everyday with her work.” Jacques told us. “To be able to work with her would be a dream come true!”

Side Hustle is now airing on Nickelodeon and you can catch up on episodes you missed on the shows site!

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