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For the latter half of last year I was experiencing the worst case of itchy scalp syndrome. This was all new to me, since most of my life I’ve had a healthy scalp. It all begin about three days after my wash day. It started off feeling like a mosquito bite on my scalp, and the second I relieved the itch the sensation increased like fire. I didn’t want to dig into my scalp so I dived head first into oils, conditioner, and deep treatments to cure this; well that didn’t work.
After much trial and error and talking with a hair dresser, it was obvious I had to change my routine, thought process, and regimen. My first question to myself was what’s new in my diet that my body was rejecting and coming out through the scalp? After figuring that out I began to prepoo with coconut oil over night while incorporating a clarifying conditioner into my routine. Next, I began to apply oil drops to my scalp every other day. In order to prevent build up and clogged follicles, I learned  almond oil was received the best for this step. Finally, I had to accept that I couldn’t go any more than 5-7 days before it was time to wash again. Because I work out 5-6 days weekly, clarifying my hair and scalp and putting moisture back in was the answer for me.
Although there are many products on the market that target scalp treatment, sometimes filtering out the toxins through diet, switching out those ole faithful products, and giving yourself a good scalp massage is all that’s needed. Of course, results will vary due to lifestyle and other factors.

by Rosalyn Robinson

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