By: Contributing Writer, Lakeba Wallace

Is church a place of love, peace and growth?  Or, a place of competition, backbiting, hurt, anger and betrayal? 
I’m sure everyone will have a different opinion regarding church hurt.  Some of us have not experienced hurt in the church and therefore cannot even fathom the idea of someone getting hurt in church. Well, it happens and it happens often.
Some of the leaders in churches are rude, unkind and self centered.  Leadership meetings have even been known to be a place of “Show Off” rather than a place of “How Can We Better Serve God’s People”. Members of the church have even been known to fight and argue for certain seats in the church as if the Word of God will only be heard in the front and not on the side or in the back of the church.
Church hurt is an area that no one wants to talk about.  Or, if it is talked about the response is this..  “church is a hospital and we all still need to grow.”  But when do we grow to a point of understanding and walking out Matthew 7:12 which states, “In everything, therefore treat people the same way you want them to treat you.” 
Christians today are too busy trying to get close to the Pastor (by any means necessary) and not busy enough knowing and understanding the Word of God. 
The question really isn’t whether church hurt exists or not; because it does in every church.   The real  question is, how do we deal with it and correct it for the well being of God’s people? 
The most important step in correcting church hurt is to admit that it exists.  You can not correct a problem or issue until you first recognize that there is a problem/issue.  No more over looking and brushing this problem/issue under the carpet.  We have to deal with and fix church hurt for the sake of God’s people.
Let’s face it.  People would be more apt to attend church and become a vital part of the church community if we were all treated equally in church.  What are your thoughts?       
God bless,
Minister Lakeba Wallace

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  • Exclusive Dream Trips
    January 19, 2011 at 1:14 pm

    Great Article Lakeba!

    We have to remember as well that everyone in church hasn't been developed in God yet. Some people are "fresh off the street". Jesus did say, " only the sick need a physician". I work in a traditional hospital and I've notice that it's very easy to spread germs when you're around "sick people". When "sick people" come into the hospital (church) it's very easy for them to pass their "germs" around for others to catch.

    The church was originally orchestrated as a place for love, healing, nurturing, & growth. Unfortunately, in today's society, the church has become a breeding ground for easy sex, greed, money laundering, lies, & spiritual manipulation!

    Church leaders today seem to be more interested in "how many numbers their running" or how big their congregation is. They focus on building bigger buildings and begging for bucks rapping their members for the mortgage money while these leaders amass stolen wealth, sex multiple women (or men), embark on lavish vacations, and enjoy posh pads. they rape (sex) their daughters(spiritual daughters). They manipulate them with promises of principal precipice.


    Chris M.
    Orlando, Fl

  • Barb Orlowski
    November 23, 2012 at 12:53 am

    Hi. Glad that you are considering the topic of the church being a place of love or of hurt.

    In my research about spiritual abuse and recovery it is evident that many people have been
    wounded by church leadership. This is hugely distressing.

    You might be interested in my book: Spiritual Abuse and Recovery.

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    Another helpful website regarding abuse issues is:

    All the best!


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