Sometimes we need to be reminded that in order to love others we must first love ourselves. You are your most valuable asset, and it’s worth it to take the time to take care of you.  As a daily affirmation, remember to hold yourself in high esteem while loving yourself unconditionally.  Being YOU is absolutely beautiful! Lovingly accept yourself as you are now and show the world you’re proud of the way you are!

  • Make a list of all your positive attributes– It’s easy for us to be critical of ourselves, but when it comes to saying something positive, believe it or not we tend to get stumped.  When loving yourself, be proud of the good things about you.  Write those things down on paper to give them life.  This list is for “you” so be proud and brag about yourself, it will help make you feel even more loving towards you.
  • Pamper Yourself– Don’t depend on others to do what you can do for yourself.  Treat yourself by doing special things that make you feel happy and fulfilled.  A spa day, a massage, an overdue vacation for one, or a shopping spree are all ways to celebrate self-love.
  • Write Yourself a Love Letter- Your sweetie isn’t the only one who can pledge their love for you in writing.  There is no one who can love you better than you.  Write yourself a love note by stating all the things you love about yourself and what makes you special.
  •  Love Your Body- This can be a tough one if you are very critical about your physical appearance, but you can do it!  Don’t focus on imperfections.  Sometimes imperfections are what make us special and unique.  Find at least one thing you love about your body and work on highlighting that area.  If you feel that you need to make improvements then by all means do so, but do it for “you” and not for anyone else.
  • Take a Glamour Shot– Put yourself into the spotlight.  Arrange a professional photoshoot or take your own sexy photo to show off your best.
  • Repeat Positive Affirmations- Find your favorite quote, saying, Bible passage, etc. end repeat it to yourself as often as it takes to keep you focused on positive thoughts.  

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