Photos by Yuan Tang, Megan Mullings and Shay Khan; Article by Megan Mullings

Hey Bronze Beauties! Bronze Magazine was in attendance at the Indie Beauty Expo on August 23rd at Skylight Clarkson Sq in NYC.  Co-founded by Jillian Wright and Nader Naeymi-rad, the IBE is where indie beauty and lifestyle brands can display their products and network with buyers, press, and consumers. There were a good variety of vendors in attendance, representing various industries including beauty, haircare, skincare, makeup, perfume, etc. Each vendor offered a product unique to their brand. The brands that stood out the most were those whose stories, motivations, beliefs, and goals resonated the most with Bronze. The following is a list of those brands:

The first intriguing brand was Beneath Your Mask. The company founder, Dana Jackson discussed her incredible journey from being diagnosed with Lupus to creating a powerful brand. Her products are all natural, created and designed to rejuvenate and repair skin damaged by all aspects of life. Dana explained that she “Wanted something natural for her skin to make her feel good, smell good, and to heal her.” So with that, Beneath Your Mask was born.

Another great company we had the pleasure of speaking with was Shankara. Inspired by Indian spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founders of Shankara were driven to find a way to create mental, physical, as well as emotional well-being for people. Their line consists of not only natural products for the entire body, but products that are also dedicated to various concerns consumers might have such as hormonal imbalance, weight loss, stress relief, etc. with a wide variety of beautiful natural fragrances. What really stood out to me, however, is that they dedicate 100% of their net profits to charities within India and other locations, helping to create better lives.

Beurre was also a brand that is really involved in creating opportunities. The products sold on their site are ALL VEGAN and contain ingredients used straight from Ghana, Africa. They are made to repair damaged skin and keep the skin moisturized and hydrated. Beurre has also created opportunities from the women of Ghana to not only help in the creating process of these butters, but also provide enough to help them send their children to school.

Patchology also had a unique look on how consumers care for their skin on an everyday basis. With their facial mask and clays, they are designed to do the job of other skin products in half the time. For the working woman (or man), they made it simple to fit into our hectic lives and schedules to rehydrate your skin, get rid of dark patches under the eyes, and hydrate and plump those lips – all while getting ready for work. I was even able to try an under-eye patch on my hand and I must say, it felt incredible.

Another brand full of delicious smelling (and looking) treats was Fizz & Bubble. Their products created such a frenzy amongst those that passed by because of their beautifully made bath bombs shaped as cupcakes and milkshakes. What made them even more unique to me were their smells. Each smelled like something so edible, it could make your mouth water (mine sure did).

Blind Bar was also a unique and fun treat for the guests that attended IBE. Their business is a barbershop that is also a bar. They provided all the cocktails and drinks for the event and did a great job of keeping consumers happy. It was really dope to combine the two, creating such a type of environment that all men and women love. And who doesn’t love a good drink with their shape up?

Overall, this event was a huge success. IBE was able to get the job done with great vendors, great music, and great vibes. They created a comfortable environment for consumers to speak one-on-one with founders and gain a connection, exploring different products and seeing  what will work for them.  We were also able to chat a bit with and get to know the brands listed below. All brands had something great to offer, so please check them all out!

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