Iman, Naomi, & Rihanna in Balmain Fashion Editorial in ‘W’ Magazine

Balmain editiorial feat Iman, Naomi and Rihanna3

Readers were in for a surprise in the September issue of W Magazine. Three generations of style: Iman, Naomi and Rihanna (who graces the cover) are featured together in an iconic fashion editorial for Balmain titled, “Phresh Out the Runway.”  The editorial is a welcome sight especially considering the fact that women of color are rarely represented in fashion. Ironically, Iman and Naomi Campbell spoke out about a year ago along with model-turned-advocate Bethann Hardison demanding more diversity on the runway.

Balmain editiorial feat Iman, Naomi and Rihanna1 resized


Balmain editiorial feat Iman, Naomi and Rihanna2 resized


rihanna-september-cover W Magazine resized

by Sarah Greene

Photo Source1: Balmain editorial obtained from  

Photo Source2: W Magazine Cover featuring Rihanna obtained from W Magazine

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