I’ll Have What She’s Having

by Angie G.

We tend to have a lot to say about the people who we consider to be more fortunate than ourselves; especially when we’ve come to the conclusion that they aren’t showing the proper respect and appreciation for all that they have.  We often say, “If I could only have what they have, I would…” and we judge them for what we perceive to be a complete waste or misuse of their talents or resources.  In fact, we become so busy looking at others, wishing we could be or have more, that we fail to see that our own talents and resources are going to waste.  We aren’t concerned about that, though.  What we want is some or all of what they have; thinking that if we had it (looks, talent, money, a more stable home life, a better upbringing, etc., etc.), we would be further along in life, happier, or more fulfilled.   And so, it becomes easy for us to offer criticism about what they should or shouldn’t be doing, where and how they have gone wrong, or how they can do a better job with what they have.  We are all so clever when it comes to minding other folks’ business, but not our own.

I think that we might spend way too much time looking over into other folks’ backyards, sizing them up, evaluating, analyzing and providing our insightful critiques of them and all that they do.  But, maybe what we need to do instead is take a long, hard look in the mirror.   What I am S-L-O-W-L-Y coming to understand (I mean really, really understand) is that it is not our job to look at what other people do.  Each one of us is on an individual journey and there is no wrong or right path to take.  What’s for us is for us alone.  And, what others choose to do with what they have been given to help them along on their journey here is for them to decide.

When it comes to our criticisms of others, we often say that we are merely speaking the truth, but exactly whose truth would that be?  It’s all a matter of perspective, but if we choose to shift our thinking a bit and begin to have a deeper appreciation for all that we have been blessed with, we might fare a lot better.   So, let’s take a personal inventory.  What talents, skills, abilities and resources do we have that aren’t being put to good use?  We might just be surprised at how long our lists turn out to be.   And maybe it will become clear to us that we don’t need to have what anyone else is having.  We’ve got our own, and that’s more than enough.

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