How To Wash Curly Natural Hair By “Naptural85”

Many of you ladies wear your hair natural and frustrate yourself because you feel that you cant seem to find a hairstyle that can be done with your type of hair. Well let the frustration be gone. Whitney, otherwise known as Naptural85 on Youtube has all the styling tips for your hair. 

From quick summer looks, to how to condition your hair, to an elegant look for a wedding or prom “Naptural85” has all the tips for you.

“My very first upload was of my “Natural Hair Journey” (my transition from relaxed to natural hair) and was only meant to be a ‘thank you’ to those on Youtube who had inspired me to take the leap,” says Whitney.

She never intended in making more than one video, but she did and now we get to enjoy her results.

Below is a video from Whitney’s youtube channel on “How To Wash Curly Natural Hair”

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