How To Achieve Defined Finger Coils

By Nicollette Samuels

Believe it or not, but African American natural hair is one of the most versatile types of hair. We can go from curly to straight, twists to braids, and locs to afros. There are so many hairstyle possibilities for us to choose from; today I’m going to help readers achieve defined finger coils.

Finger coils can seem a little intimidating and time consuming at first, but with a little practice and patience you can be a pro.

The first step in achieving any hairstyle is being prepared. You always want to start off on the right foot by having all the tools and products needed right in front of you before styling, so you are not stressed out in the middle of doing your hair. Luckily the only tools you will need for this style are your hands, a wide-tooth comb or hair pick for detangling, a fine-tooth comb for detangling small sections of hair, and a spray bottle. For this style you only need three hair products: your favorite leave-in conditioner, curl defining cream, and gel. When trying to achieve any hairstyle, start on freshly washed and detangled hair for the best results. Now that you are all prepped and ready to go, let’s get started!

  1. Starting on soaking wet freshly washed and detangled hair, liberally apply the leave-in conditioner; then apply enough curl defining cream to coat the strands of hair; lastly, layer the gel on top.
  2. Using the wide-tooth comb, comb through your hair to evenly distribute the products.
  3. Now take small pieces of hair and twirl the hair around your finger in the direction that it naturally curls; repeat this step all over your hair.
  4. Use your spray bottle to keep the hair wet if it starts to dry out, this will help to reactivate the products you applied and keep it looking defined when you finish.
  5. You may use the fine-tooth comb to detangle the small pieces of hair if they start to tangle again.
  6. Sectioning the hair into 4-6 sections can make the process a lot easier, especially for people with long or thick hair.

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