How One Blogger Found Her Purpose

by Kiara Timo

Since launching her blog Purposeful and Pretty, Renata Rafiel has built a growing community of women seeking to find their way out of hopelessness and into the light. After deepening her sense of self when she built her relationship with God, she has made it her mission to create a space that encourages other women to do the same. While she firmly believes that someone does not have to be religious to find their purpose in life, she does believe that a relationship with Him will help you through the dark days, and her blog delivers that message.

KT: Would you mind delving in a bit deeper into your personal journey? What was happening in your life or in your soul that made you feel a need to search for a sense of purpose?

RR: For a very long time I struggled with searching for fulfillment in other people. I jumped from one relationship to the next, thinking that the void would be filled. Basically, I was searching for myself in others. I felt lost and incomplete. Eventually this only led to depression and heartbreak. I lost myself. During this period of emptiness, I began to journal my feelings and prayers. It felt good to release those emotions on paper. Journaling not only became a coping mechanism; it became a passion. 

KT: According to your blog, purpose and fulfillment is directly related to one’s connection with God. Was religion in your life while you were struggling to find your sense of self?

RR: Religion is very important to me. Always has been. My relationship with God is my first priority. However, while struggling for my sense of purpose I did encounter a “silent season.”   God seemed distant. I longed for his presence and direction, but I still did not hear his voice. It took obedience, fasting, and most importantly faith to end this season of silence.

KT: Statistically, Millennials and Generation Z have distanced themselves from spirituality and religion but are more outspoken than previous generations about their daily anxieties and their on-going search for their purpose in life. What advice would you offer them?

RR: Never give up! Continue speaking and seeking. You are on this earth for a purpose. Do not give up until you find it, and once you find it, embrace every moment of it. Let your passion lead you directly into your purpose.

KT: Does one have to have a relationship with God to feel fulfilled?

RR: No. Many individuals find fulfillment and contentment without having the need for God in their life. I personally believe that a life with God is more fulfilling.  Knowing God adds peace to your life.  Religion played a huge role in the discovery of my purpose, but for some it isn’t a factor.

KT: What are your goals? Who are you hoping to reach through this blog?

RR: My goals are to continue to create blog posts that reach an audience of women that are hoping to discover their purpose, find self-worth, and to live life to their fullest potential. My hopes are that women will be inspired and encouraged by my work, and how I overcame the challenges of life.

KT: Does this blog fulfill your sense of purpose? Is there more to come?

RR: Of course! I am very pleased with the woman I have become. I have grown mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. I have flourished in many different areas of my life. The discovery of my purpose has opened the door to many opportunities that I never imagined.  I have numerous visions that I’m ready to bring to life. Sometimes I have to tell myself to slow down.

I recently released my e-book which is available on my website, and I’m currently a co-author of a book that is scheduled to release this fall. Be on the lookout because I’m ready for everything that’s meant for me! This is just the beginning of better things to come.

To read Renata Rafiel’s blog go to and follow her on Instagram at @purposeful_and_pretty

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