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Home Cooking In Curry Hill at Desi Galli

New York City is known to be the melting pot of cultures with taste buds to match. You can get any type of food in the city; all you have to do is know where to find it. Well Bronze Bombers, we have found a place for those of you who love Indian Cuisine. It’s traditional Indian dishes that your taste buds will enjoy and your pocketbook will love. Where can we find this international dining delight? In Curry Hill.

Curry Hill is a section of Manhattan that prides itself with restaurant after restaurant of Indian culture dining. However, Desi Galli is the only spot on the hill that prides itself not only with Americanized Indian Cuisine, but rather with bringing Indian cuisine to America.

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It’s casual dining at it’s finest. With your meal served on paper plates, Desi Galli is a restaurant that quickly makes you feel like you are sitting in your new home away from home. The red walls and free WiFi enables you, the customer, the opportunity to relax,  purchase a meal, plug up your computer and watch your favorite show(s).

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The restaurant’s owner, PriaVanda, explained that she never cooked until she got married. Over the past five years she has learned to master the art of cooking. It was her husband who encouraged her to start her second business where she could showcase and share with her community her new found talent. The key to PriaVanda’s plates (that even Time Out Magazine, Village Voice, ABC,  Fox News and Serious Eats raved about) is that she has taken traditional cuisine and added a healthy twist to her dishes by making them gluten free and vegan. She explained that these dishes came about because her husband and she are very health conscious. She created the healthy dishes to also dispel the misconception that Indian food is not very healthy. Many people report that the food has a lot of oil and that they feel very heavy after eating it, so PriaVanda worked hard at figuring out where she could cut the fat out and increase the healthy value in Indian street dishes that many enjoy and love to eat. She explains, “There are a lot of seasonings and foods within the Indian culture that help you stay healthy. Bitter Melon helps fight cancer by reducing cancer cells within your body.  Turmeric is great for your system. Ginger is also a great spice to keep in your diet on a day to day basis for cleansing and helping your skin and your body.”

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When a customer comes to Desi Galli they will mix and match their meal to make a full meal. Their menu offers a very unique experience  in terms of taste, flavor and healthiness, with the catch being their affordable prices. Whether you are eating Fresh Kathi Rolls (Indian Buritto) Sliders, Fresh Biryani, Chaats or Pav Dishes, everything is under $12.00.

Still don’t believe how amazing this place is?  Well, you can ask actress Uma Thurman and her daughter Luna, who recently shared a Mango Lasse from Desi Galli. For more information you can follow them everywhere under @DesiGalli.

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