Holiday Getting Ready Routine: Tips to be Prepared for Your Holiday Party

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With the holidays around the corner, it is never too early to start planning your holiday party. It’s time to make your grocery list, line up the perfect music and choose your classy festive outfit. Party planning can be a bit stressful, so follow these getting ready routine tips and your party will be smooth sailing.

Getting Yourself Ready

It’s no secret that you need to be ready first before your party starts. More often than not hosts forget to take time to get themselves ready and prepared for the event they’re throwing. They often wait until the very last minute to quickly throw on a sweater and put their hair in an up-do.

Pick Out Your Outfit

To get out of this habit, one tip is to pick out your outfit and accessories beforehand. If your holiday party calls for black tie attire, browse online for a nice cocktail dress. When buying your dress it’s important to keep in mind that your outfit may need to be ironed or steamed. If so, do this the morning of your party. You should also layout your outfit, shoes, and accessories like earrings and a necklace beforehand. Doing this will allow you to take a quick five-minute break before the party starts to go slip into your outfit.

Nail Down a Skincare Routine

Not only do you want to have your outfit picked out and ready to go, but you also want to have your skincare routine down to a science. Having a bunch of people over can be nerve-racking especially when you are dealing with problematic skin issues. If you’re suffering from stubborn acne and would like it cleared up in time for your holiday party, try out a prescription acne treatment cream. The most effective acne medication is the one that’s best for your skin type, so finding a personalized treatment will be a gift to yourself.

Pick a Hairstyle to Match

You might be thinking about what is left that I need to do to get myself ready? The last step is your hair. Choosing how you want to do your hair can be tricky. If you have dangly earrings you might want to settle for an up-do. If you want to show off your hair growth leave it down. Try to keep the hairstyle you want for your party simple. Putting heat on your hair will take up more time compared to styling your natural hair. If you plan on styling your natural hair make sure it is properly taken care of by keeping it moisturized and using the right shampoo and conditioner leading up to the party. Whatever hairstyle you decide on, make sure it’s quick and easy!

Getting Ready for the Party

Now that you have a plan for getting yourself ready, it’s time to get the party prepared. It’s time to take your grocery list and head out to the store to go shopping. While you’re there you might want to grab some holiday decorations for the house.

Create a Menu

One of the most important parts of throwing a party is having food and drink for your guests. The easiest way to prepare the food is by cooking ahead of time. Starting your cooking early in the day will leave you more time before the party to prep for other things. Another helpful tip is to create self-serve options. Self-serving stations are less time-consuming and give your guests the opportunity to choose which dishes they want. Another way to be creative with your food and drink is to offer a signature cocktail. Having a signature cocktail will add an extra sprinkle of holiday cheer to your party. Don’t forget to have plenty of other drinks on hand!

Pick a Theme

What’s a good holiday party without a theme? If you’re ready to step up your decorating game a little, finding a creative theme for your party will guarantee your guests will have a great time. Whether they walk into a winter wonderland or Whoville, there are endless options of themes for you to choose from. You can keep your decorations simple with a couple of strands of lights or go on the more elaborate side of things and DIY garland and table settings. Whichever route you choose to go with, make sure you leave plenty of time to decorate before the party starts, you can do this days ahead of time.

Curate a Playlist

Add the final touch before guests arrive by having a curated playlist for your holiday party. You can create your own playlist ahead of time and add different genres of music into one playlist. Or you can choose a premade festive playlist to set the vibe for the party just minutes before people arrive. Having a mix of classic carols and upbeat holiday songs will set the right mood for your party!

Make sure to follow all these tips to ensure your party goes smoothly. Being prepared ahead of time will allow for a stress-free holiday party and you will thank yourself in the end!


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