Black Girls Rock! is more than just a slogan, it’s a movement. The 501(c) (3) NYC based non-profit organization was founded by former model and currently renowned celebrity mix master Beverly Bond in 2006. The organization is giving at-risk young teen women of color an opportunity to be mentored and empowered through the use of the Arts towards becoming “strong” autonomous women with a sense of pride and self-respect.  BGR couldn’t have come at a better time with most schools’ funding for arts programs being cut due to schools focusing more on teaching towards tests.  One of the programs being provided by BGR is Fundamentals of DJing, where the girls actually have a chance to learn the skills of becoming a mix master like Beverly.
It is very unfortunate that our young girls don’t have many role models that they can look up to. Most of the images they see today are degrading ones, including the music videos with attractive and scantily clad video queens “bumping and grinding” for men. Young women need to learn that such negative imagery is not all they have as a reference to define themselves as women. They need to understand that beauty starts from within and is nurtured through growth to compliment what is already on the outside.
It is important that young women define their own dreams and aspirations while learning how to achieve them. I applaud Ms. Bond’s vision and what she has set out to accomplish. We need more role models such as her to inspire our young black girls to expect more for themselves than what life has handed down to them.
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