It’s that time of the year again for food, family, fun, and entertainment.  Not only is Thanksgiving the most traveled holiday of the year, it’s also the holiday that has the most food and calories consumed in one day.  It’s ok to enjoy yourself, but here are some helpful tips to avoid overindulging:
Try to use high-impact flavors such as fresh herbs, spices, and seasonal fruits and vegetables.  This takes the place of using more fattening seasonings/additives such as butter, cream, and salt.
Try to refrain from “sampling” too much food during prep-time and hosting.  Too much sampling can become the equivalent of a meal if you aren’t careful.  Try snacking on fruits and/or veggies in the meantime.  If you remain active and busy you will more likely forget the urge to “nibble” on everything while losing a few calories in the process.
Don’t wait too long to eat.  Prolonged hunger usually results in overeating.  So assign a co-host who can fill in for you while you relax for a while and enjoy the great meal you prepared.
To keep yourself from eating too much on Thanksgiving day, eat light at least an hour before.  Snacks such as fruit, nuts, celery with peanut butter, and salad with vinigrette dressing are good lightweight snacks that are very low in calories and fat.
Fix smaller portions to avoid overeating.  Resist the urge to pile too much food onto your plate. The best way to enjoy a little bit of everything is by making your portion sizes at most 1/4 cup.  Your proteins should measure at about the size of a Blackberry phone and your starches about the size of a tennis ball.  Reserve the largest portion on your plate for veggies.
Transform “seconds” into a plate “to go.”  Nothing better than having Thanksgiving leftovers the next day. By doing so you are breaking up your food consumption and avoiding too much fat and calorie intake in one sitting.
If your sweet tooth has gotten the best of you, go ahead and indulge.  But indulging on half (or even 1/4) of the dessert is better than a whole whopping piece of pie or cake.
The most important tip to remember is to keep it moving! Whether you walk or jog around the neighborhood, exercise will keep you from feeling guilty about enjoying your meal.  Happy eating!
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