Healing Thru the Eyes of Unemployment

by Min Lakeba Wallace

Office-GossipWork has become a place of hurt, discomfort and gossip, rather than a place of productivity. Employees spend hours gossiping about the new employee, who’s dating who, what someone is wearing and other issues that are unproductive and time consuming.

There is a lot of talk about the unemployment rate, but no one is truly focusing on all of the reasons why one may be unemployed. Several people have experienced so much hurt while working, that finding another job makes them fearful, uncomfortable and content with being unemployed.

The percentage of employees who are emotionally hurt at work is rising each and every day. Emotional hurt can never be compared to physical hurt, but it can contribute to depression, sickness and isolation.

If you are someone’s boss, it is imperative that you focus on the emotionally well being of your employees. You may not think that it is an issue in your organization, but employees are experiencing emotional hurt. It is often said that ” sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”. This may be true for some employees, but there are a large amount of employees that are hurt by the sticks, the stones and the words.

With the high percentage of unemployment, one would think that an employee would be more productive rather than unproductive. Productivity however is equivalent to hours of unproductive nonsense. Instead of working to increase the outlook of the department and the company as a whole, employees tend to spend more time working to sabotage and emotionally hurt other employees.

Employees need to do what they are hired to do… WORK. Gossiping and emotionally hurting other employees is not part of an employee’s job description.

We all need to work to create a sense of security and sustainability but, if working  contributes to illness, isolation and emotional hurt, people will continue to seek healing thru the eyes of unemployment…ijs (I’m just saying)


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