By: Editor-n-Chief Shawn Chavis

Tenelle Bailey

Blogging is such a great phenomenon, as it allows you to share yourself and what you are passionate about with the world, providing one with a significant voice; one that may not be heard otherwise.  It is also a wonderful way to meet great people along the way.  Tenelle is one of those people whom I have had the pleasure of meeting in my social media travels.  I wanted to feature Tenelle on Bronze because she is such a positive ray of light full of self- determination.  She sets a wonderful example for other young African American women who are looking to follow their dreams, especially within the fashion industry.

Tenelle Bailey is an Adjunct Fashion Design Professor and Editor-n-Chief of A Daily Dose of Vitamin F, a blog dedicated to lovers of everything fashion.  Tenelle shares her passion and love of fashion with the world one dose at a time. She learned the importance of a complete look at a young age.  One of her closesest Aunt’s always told her, “no matter what you wear or where you are going, even if it’s just to run errands, make sure you always accessorize to give you a completed look with little effort.”

While in high school, Tenelle took a job at a clothing store in the local mall.  This opportunity opened her eyes to the retail and fashion industry.  Not only did Tenelle gain and interest in the operational aspect of running a retail store, but she also discovered a joy and love for helping her customers put together items that would improve their wardrobe.  Nothing compared to the appreciation her customers showed as a result of Tenelle’s expert styling assistance.  Tenelle knew that she had found her calling and made the decision to follow the path that would help her to better bring these types of moments to life.

After completing her MFA in Fashion Design, Tenelle worked for several years as a women’s sportswear designer for large clothing labels.  At the end of 2010 she was ready to pursue her passion of personally being involved with bringing the fashion retail experience to the everyday woman.  Tenelle is now the Owner/Creative Director of Dose of Vitamin F, LLC, her online fashion boutique scheduled to launch in Feb of this year.  Tenelle’s hopes are that her boutique along with her blog will bring doses of unique and creative items toe every woman, making her “look” complete with little effort.” Just like her auntie said.

“Tenelle knew that she had found her calling and made the decision to follow the path that would help her to better bring these types of moments to life.” 


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