By education expert and contributor Dr. Tekemia Dorsey

Hard work remains a virtue and a characteristic of life and difficult for some to fathom.  Hard work is difficult for some to encompass because it requires one to really put forth effort, requires patience, is not a quick fix, and requires perserverance and dedication.  Hard work requires a strong psyche to overcome the negative thoughts, requires ambition and drive to get through what may appear to be at times to be eternal fantasy versus hard-core reality.  On the contrary, hard work for some remains tough but manageable.

There are situations in life that requires one to work hard without too many choices of executing the opposite.  These examples include parenting, obtaining a higher degree, improving one’s life, losing weight, living healthy, and developing a connection with GOD.

Hard work is a part of life.  Anything worth having is worth fighting for, especially your health, relationship, sanity, and your relationship with GOD.  Work hard in 2011! 

Dr. Dorsey’s Corner
While we continue to embark upon the daily excitements, ups, downs, and surprises new adventures continue to remain evident such as activities, education, events, people, and places.  This year, I have decided to embark upon an old new adventure.  It is old in the sense, I have done this 0-12 other times but is has been almost six months since the last time I even considered it. 
On May 7, 2011, six months into my 38th birthday, I will be particiapating in this annual run gearing up for the Baltimore Marathon in October.  The Baltimore Marathon will be held in Baltimore, MD.
Running for life! 26.2 miles or BUS!
I completed my first marathon in 1997; my second in 1998; and my third in 2000.  I have been running them ever since.  Praise GOD for determination, ambition, the will and the drive to do.  I thank GOD for an active and exciting hobby.  Training is hard work and as tough as expected but completing it will be the greatest joy.
Get on your mark, Get set, Go! Run TK run…. 

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