Gorgeous Hair: Perfect Spring Hairstyles

Long tresses, and Front bangs are out! Pixie Cuts, Bobs, and Curly Hair is in. It is all most spring, and time to get a little funky with your new hairdo! Have you been wearing the same hairstyle since 1922? Well dazzling change is always good. Be a little rebel and step out of your comfort zone with the return of the late 1950s pixie haircut. The style is very versatile; it can be worn in a messy chic manner, Mohawk, or a deep side swept bang for women with a larger forehead.
Let me guess, you don’t want to go that short? Well there are always option, try a bob! There are several different bob haircuts that look absolutely amazing on anyone. Whether it is a short blunt-cut ombré bob or a long sleek asymmetrical bob, this haircut is ideal because every woman can rearrange it to best fit your needs.
Last but not least curly hair is essential for the spring season! Every girl loves messy curls from bantu knots, loose curls, to tight bohemian ringlets this hair trend will be ideal for the spring season. The best aspect of rocking your curls is that the style will always remain elegant no matter how you wear it. You can achieve your ideal curly hair style by utilizing various tools. Flexi rods for example are ideal for women of color that want curly hair because it cuts out the heat along with giving you those soft sultry curls that you’ve always wanted. Or you can use a little heat protector  to create sassy ringlets with your wand curling iron.
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  • Kate
    January 31, 2014 at 10:28 am

    very useful! my hair has been short for a few months now and I’ve gotten tired of the same look. I would like to try a bob and change my look. :* Kate


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