Nickie E Robinson: More Than Just a “GoodGirl”

Who says that a woman can’t have it all? surely not Nickie Robinson.  This multi-talented lady is a Publicist and Owner of GoodGirlPR in NYC by day, as well as a fashionable DJ (Nickiee Barnes) by night.  Raised in Los Angeles, California, Nickie excelled in the world of academia having acquired a B.A. in Economics from New York University and a  Juris Doctorate from the University of Denver.  With musical influences such as Michael Jackson, George Benson and Rick James, Nickie has a music knowledge base that extends beyond her years.  We caught up with Nickie to learn more about her passion for success.

BM: Nickie, I have heard you described on FOXNY.COM as a “true renaissance” woman.  Please tell us what makes that true.

NR: I think I am a true renaissance woman because I do so many things- DJ, owner of GoodGirl PR, and future lawyer.


BM: So, you are owner of GoodGirl PR by day, and a fashionable DJ at night.  Please tell us how this interesting mix came about?

NR: Well, I hired a PR firm to help launch my DJ career, and they were horrible.  I threw an event and everyone there were my people so I thought why not start my own PR firm, and throw my own events.


BM: Speaking of mixes, what types of music do you enjoy playing , and what venues have you played at?

NR: I have always wanted to be a DJ because I loved music so much- hip-hop in particular.  When I first started djing, I wanted to save hip-hop so I played B sides, but now I spin everything.  I also love electro and dance music.


Latest tracks by nickiee-barnes

BM: Nickie, you seem to have such a drive and determination for success.  Do you believe that women can have it all?

NR: I think women can have it all, but you must surround yourself with people who uplift and do not slow you down.


BM: Where do you see yourself five years into the future ?

NR: In five years, GoodGirlPR will have 50 to 100 interns/employees.  I will have a thriving law firm with 5 to 10 associates.  I will probably be married with one child and in the best shape of my life.


BM: Can you share one best business practice with our readers?

NR: Never give up.  Business is about the follow-up.



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