Going to Work Olivia Pope Style


Scandal has become one of the most watched shows on television. Olivia Pope’s style represents a classy chic business woman. Her clothes are modern yet appropriate for the office. Going to work does not mean you cannot look stylish as well. In almost every episode of Scandal, Olivia is seen wearing neutral colors. Neutral colors are great for the work environment because it goes with anything. These colors include nude, white, brown, black, and gray. Navy blue can sometimes be included in this category depending on what it is pieced with. Along with her modern use of neutral colors, she uses minimal accents of jewelry. Watches and earrings are the most simplistic accessories that are also work appropriate. For the fall time, gray and brown trench coats look great for going into the office. Olivia Pope has definitely set the standard as to how stylish women can be going to work.

For Olivia Pope style inspiration, check out the outfit below.

Business Savvy

Raxevsky herringbone jacket
$135 -

Jason Wu pleated trousers

H M vintage black purse
$24 -


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