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5 seconds into observing the exotic dance class at GoDiva Studio I see why the studio is celebrating it’s year anniversary and also why pole dancing quickly has become the hot topic and must do for today’s woman.
For most when they think of pole dancing they usually visualize a dark lit bar, strippers, sex deprived men and vulgarity.  At GoDiva it is the complete opposite.  At GoDiva Studio for exotic dance in Bloomfield, NJ as soon as you walk in the door you are welcomed with beautiful images of women who have challenged the definition of sexuality over the years. The soft purple walls give you a relaxed mood and the sweet scented candles makes you feel you are home and amongst friends.
The layout of the former Divine Mills recording studio immediately makes you ask yourself; “Are you ready to dance?”  The first studio also the function room is great for ladies to do female bonding in a new, fun and exotic way. With one pole in the center of the room your bachelorette party or even your birthday party will be like none ever experienced before.  The huge dance studio in the back of the studio with its full wall of mirrors lets you know that you are about to begin a workout that will definitely make you sweat.  Yes it’s belly dancing or booty popping but believe me whatever the dance step exotic dancing is a full workout.   The third room in the studio is the pole room. What is fun about this room is that it also has a glass wall that others in the adjoining room can watch you learn your moves.  Instead of intimidating the women this room did just the opposite.  By having others watch you and encourage you the negative connotations that are associated with Pole dancing are completely removed.  Instead, GoDiva Studio is the new beauty salon where women convene and converse about so many things. “Here at GoDiva we find that women get their self esteem boosted.  You will watch them come in with their sweats all covered up when they start the lessons and then by the third or fourth class they are in the short shorts dancing away in their stilettos.“ states co-owner Nikki Phillips.
The three owners Nikki Phillips, Ty Smith and Sonya Miller started the business because of their love for dancing and exotic dancing.  However whenever they went to venues to satisfy their quest for dance they always left unfulfilled.  Hence the birth of GoDiva Studios.  Using their own money to build the right environment you realize that exotic dancing is not dirty from the dancing perspective but rather from the interpretation of the dance.  The women that I spoke with at the studio (Chanta, Selina, Jasmin and Shaniqua) that have been taking classes for almost a year said that they love GoDiva because the owners, instructors and participants encourage each other to express themselves.  There is no judgment or criticism allowed from anyone and the instructor Ro of the pole dancing class is very adamant about that type of atmosphere in his class. Standing with his 6” stilettos in his hand that he dances with in class he explains; “ I got into this because of my love for music, dance and people.  My mom is a motivational speaker and instead of words I use dance to motivate people.  I feel this is my gift from God to help others and so I just let the sprit show me how to spill it out for others to learn and grow.  Dance is my ministry”

Grooving to the sounds of Bobby Valentino the ladies in class explore their own definition of sex appeal through dance.  Watching them learn how to lock their legs around the pole to spin or even kick their leg out while sliding down the pole you begin to realize the true physical workout these ladies endure and the strength they need in their arms and legs to complete the dance routine.  I now see why the Olympics is considering pole dancing to have it’s own physical challenge category.  Yes unbeknownst to me I learned the physical aptitude your body must have in order to successfully complete the dance routine.  As the women in class stated; It’s not boring and it’s a real workout so it works for me and we burn a lot of calories sex is the last thing we think about.”  Oh yes and they wanted me to tell you…Big girls can do it too!
If you want to know more about GoDiva Studios you can go to their website: or email them at   Peace & ENJOY!

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