Giving Back To Your Community

By Rosalyn L. (@msrosalyn_official)

Giving back to your community through volunteer groups, non-profit organizations, charity or other means does so much to help those in need and contributes to the common good. You can give back in different ways, by giving money or giving your time. No matter how you do it, giving back to your community will touch many people’s lives. Whether it’s volunteering at a local event, helping a neighbor, or making a monetary donation, it’s not the act that matters. Even the teeniest good deed can ignite change and positively impact the community by providing a renewed sense of hope. Learn four ways to give back to your community.


Help repaint a playground. Volunteer at your local school. Visit residents at a care center. Give back by volunteering your time and your skills. You’ll be amazed by the people you meet and the experiences you’ll have when you’re giving back to your community in this way.


Are you a handyman? Give back by offering to help a neighbor with some household fixes. A writer? Help your favorite charity write their press releases or spruce up their website. Offering your skills to those who can use them is an easy way to give back.


Help those in need by giving a few dollars to your favorite charity. Some people donate 10 percent of every paycheck, but you can help even if you don’t have money to give. Instead of giving financially, give what you do have, such as donating clothing to your local Salvation Army or Goodwill store, or giving books to libraries, schools or shelters. Donate supplies to an animal shelter, school supplies to local classrooms or food to a local food bank. Toys for Tots is always looking for people to give brand new toys to kids in need.


Want to find a local volunteer group to join, or another local volunteer activity? Giving back to your community is just a little easier with the online volunteer matching services.

Different programs offer an assortment of online services to support nonprofit organizations, volunteers and business leaders committed to community volunteer efforts. Theses sites let you search by keyword or location for ways to give back. Simply click the opportunity that interests you, fill out a volunteer application and you’re on your way to giving back!

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  • Tamara Dopwell
    September 25, 2020 at 11:25 pm

    Designs by Tee LLC is a positive motivating Tshirt line that donates 10 percent of all sales to local shelter in Brooklyn NYC. Families were already disadvantaged prior to COVID. There are needs of basic toiletries and detergent. This Brooklyn Social worker is trying to meet the needs of this population. Donations and sales are greatly appreciated!


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