Free to be Me, Please?

Reality Television.  Blogs.  Magazines.  Facebook.  Twitter.  We live in a society that is overrun with the details of other people’s lives.  And while one could argue that these are all just ways to communicate with the world and stay abreast of the changes that are taking place in the world, a person can also lose themselves in the lives of others.  How can this be possible?  The constant obsession with the lives of others both stifles our growths and limits our perspective. You find yourself constantly obsessed with what they are doing, what they are wearing, who is dating whom, etc.;  and in the midst of this obsession, you forget about the most important person, you.  What about your life?

What if I told you, you were Unique and that God created you especially the way you he wanted you to be? But you may never realize your own greatness, if you are constantly engulfed in the lives of others. You must become the Master of your own environment. You must be the only one that is in control of YOUR Life. Carefully deciding what you allow in your eye gate and ear gate. It will not be an easy task to look at yourself and your life and eliminate the things that you have been holding on to for so long; the Things that you have attached your identity to.  It must be done in order to free yourself from the strongholds of others’ opinions.

To begin to live the life that you want for yourself, you must first give yourself permission to be to free; to be free from others’ opinions and criticisms. Don’t let someone else, define for you who you are, what you should look like, what you should wear, what you should purchase, how you should act, etc.  No one should have that much power over you and your life. We as humans cannot merely be defined by one or even a few things. We are multi-faceted, ever changing, ever-growing, and ever-evolving.

Define for yourself who are you and who you want to become. Decide what you like and what you don’t like, decide what is adding to your life and what is subtracting from it; and those things that are subtracting from your life, it’s time to do away with them.

Everything in life is a flow, energy flows to us and through us.  It doesn’t need our approval.  All we really need to do is open the gates and get out of the way.  After you decide to be free from the stigmas others have attached to you, it is time for the next, most critical step; deciding who You are. There is no time limit on this step, because it requires honest, self-assessment. You will learn things about yourself, good and bad, but don’t be discouraged by the bad, use it to propel yourself to who you want to be. Open yourself to receive the blessings that have been there waiting for you all along.

By Nikia Pope

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