Former Model And Mother Of Five, Nicole Murphy  Talks Creating Her Skincare Line yFOY, Her Favorite Self-Care Activities, And More!

By Jade Solomon

Nicole Murphy is a former model, entrepreneur and actress who is not slowing down anytime soon. As a mother of five, who’s mastered the art of aging backwards, Nicole is graciously sharing her “tried and true secrets to looking and feeling youthful, beautiful, and confident with women all over the world.”

Read more as she speaks about the inspiration behind her newest skin care line, yFOY, why she feels it’s so important for women to take time for themselves, and her favorite ways to indulge in selfcare.

Back in 2018, you launched ZOBELA, your first skincare brand. You’ve since relaunched with yFOY. What inspired you to recreate your skincare brand? And what lessons have you been able to apply to yFOY that you were able to learn from your time working on ZOBELA?

Yes, in 2018, I launched Zobella. I found that even though the products were good, they were far more expensive for the consumer than I was happy with, and they were not all natural ingredients. I then went back to the drawing board, and I thought, why not come out with a new product. As I’m always asked how I look younger than my age and keep my skin so youthful, I started my new company, your Fountain Of Youth – yFOY. All of my products have all-natural ingredients, are affordable PLUS they really work. I wanted to make sure that I can stand behind my products and believe in them 100%, and that’s what I have with yFOY. I think the lesson that I’ve learned is that keeping it simple, clean and natural is the best way.

Instead of launching yFOY with a huge selection of products, you decided to stick to four: the All Day Glow Vitamin C, the Hydration Hyaluronic Acid, the Super Glow Face Cleanser, and the Firming Body Butter. Why was it so important to you to launch with these products and only these products?

I felt it was important to start slowly in introducing the new products. I wanted to introduce yFOY in a simple way because that’s what it’s all about – simplicity and affordability. These are products that I’ve been using for a very long time and I didn’t want to overwhelm everyone with a bunch of new products being launched at one time. I want people to fall in love with yFOY and want more. I just decided to launch the  Hydration Hyaluronic Acid serum  ($17) and the All Day Glow Vitamin C+  serum ($23) first, as I wanted to see how people would respond to it, then gradually start adding other products, like the  Super Glow Face Cleanser ($28) and  Firming Body Butter ($22).

Creating a skincare regimen with yFOY is not only a great way for women to take care of their skin, but to also treat themselves to some undivided self-care time. What are some self-care activities that you indulge in, big or small, that keep you feeling “youthful, beautiful, and confident?”

I feel it’s very important that women make the time to do some self-care for themselves. I love doing hot yoga, and find that stretching is extremely important for keeping your muscles toned. I do workouts in the gym, love going on long walks and taking bubble baths. I also love going on long bike rides by the beach. It makes me feel like I’m in another beautiful world!

What advice would you give to an older woman who is struggling  with confidence, feeling a bit insecure about her age, is overworked and doesn’t take enough quality time for herself? What advice and words of encouragement would you share with her?

My advice is it’s OK to take a little time for yourself, even if it’s 30 minutes. It’s OK to love yourself. I feel like a lot of us get caught up in everyday life and we forget about ourselves, and we let ourselves go. My advice to any woman is to look in the mirror and start loving who you are because we can’t change who we are or what we look like. All we can do is embrace how we look, and feel confident about who we are, no matter what age or size. Take the time to start making your body feel good with a workout, walks, swimming, yoga or anything that’s going to push you a little bit. When you start to feel good about yourself, you start to have confidence. And it’s the confidence that people will notice.

What can we expect next from yFOY?

With yFOY, expect more to come. I’m just so excited that I can share my tried-and-true secrets with everyone and I plan on adding more products that allow everyone to love themselves, and to find their youth! I envision yFOY will be more than just a brand; it will become a MOVEMENT!


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