Five Ways to De-stress

by Jo Jo Harder

If your hectic lifestyle has got you down, here are five techniques that can help you relax.

Just Breathe

Find a quiet spot, close your eyes and breathe in deeply through your nose. Then exhale through your mouth. Focus only on your breathing and feel the stress fade away.



Experience Yoga

Yoga is the practice of physical postures or poses. The word yoga means “union” in the language of ancient India where it originated. It is a holistic approach to uniting the body, mind, and spirit. Practicing yoga helps develop a harmonious balance within your system. Both yoga and regular meditation are excellent for relieving stress. Here is the world’s largest directory for finding information on yoga:



Clear Clutter

If you feel unorganized and overwhelmed by all you have to do, try tidying up. When everything is put in its proper place, you will feel calmer and more in control.




Take a Bath

Even the most demanding schedule should allow for a bath. First, create an inviting bathroom by bringing in homemade soaps, scented candles, and a big fluffy, warm, towel. Close the door, light one or several candles, and put on some uplifting music. In a tub filled with warm water, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or bath salts. A relaxing, bath can be physical, spiritual and sensual therapy.



Spend Time with Your Pet

Research has proven that pets can reduce stress. Their nonjudgmental companionship and unconditional love help make life stress free. Just sitting quietly, petting, or walking with your pet can help relieve stress. The soothing and relaxing effect of touch and speechless communication produces a relaxing response with little demand.

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