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workout friends (3)Kelly Rowland and Jeanette Jenkins

Ladies, we all know it can be hard to stay committed when it comes to exercising. Singer/ actress Kelly Rowland gives thanks to her fitness coach and training partner, Jeanette Jenkins, for helping her stay motivated. It’s always a lot easier (and fun!) to get things done when you have a friend by your side. Here are a few “buddy workouts” to get you and a friend started on your health and fitness routine:

1.) Plank high-fives

workout1 (2)This exercise works your abs, upper body, and thighs. Facing your friend at about an arm-length distance, lower yourself into plank position, either on your hands or forearms. When ready, both you and your friend will lift opposite arms and high-five one another, switching arms after each count. Try at least 3 reps of 10.


2.) Circle Kicks

workout2 (2)

Begin this exercise by standing about leg-length distance from and facing one another. Have your friend squat low while you lift your leg above the head of your friend, in a circular motion from out to in. Once your foot is lowered, immediately squat while your friend returns a circular kick over your head. Go for at least 2 reps of 10, switching legs after each kick. The leg lifting works your abs, while the squats target your thighs. It’s also a great cardio workout!


3.) Leg Lifts

workout3 (2)

The most classic and well-known partner exercise! Laying face up on your back, have your friend stand directly behind your head. Reach above your head and grab on to your friend’s ankles. Lift your legs up straight at a 90 degree angle with the floor. Have your friend push your legs gently while, using your abs, you lower your legs about 6 inches above the floor. Try 2 reps of 10 and then switch places.

4.) Buddy-Squats

workout4 (2) resized

Standing and facing your friend about the distance of two arms’ length, grab on to one another’s hands or wrists while slowly lowering into a deep squat (also known as the invisible chair stance). Remain in this position for about 30 seconds and then slowly rise back up to standing position. This exercise is great for toning thighs and glutes!

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