Finding Your Purpose

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Purpose (n): The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

Many of us get to a stage in our lives where we find ourselves at a plateau−a point where we’ve become unsatisfied with just about everything and we reflect on almost every life decision we can think of: Why did I take this job? Why didn’t I finish college? What should I be doing? Why am I here? It’s like we’re trying to figure out that sense of self-worth or internal drive that keeps us going. I’ll tell you what a wise person once told me: Everyone and everything has a purpose.

Whether we realize it or not, there is an original intent for everything that exists or is created. The confusion comes when we have to figure out who or what can benefit from that purpose. Let’s take a car, for example. The purpose of a car is to carry passengers from one place to another faster than the time it takes to walk. We can give the car a nice paint job and add interior designs to make it appear unique, but if the car is unable to transport us from one location to another, it defeats the purpose. Consider your situation the same way. How much are we trying to add to our lives to make it seem worthwhile, only to still feel unproductive?

Here’s another saying a wise person once told me: Our gifts can lead us to our purpose. Many of us are too busy trying to chase after a good paying job rather than what we’re actually passionate about. Have you ever realized how exhilarated you feel doing something that comes easy or natural to you? Once you figure out your gift and who will benefit from that gift, you figure out your purpose. Realize that even the plateau stage in your life had a purpose….it revealed to you the changes in your life that needed to be made.

by Ashley Cottrell

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