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Fetish Junkee1 resizedFashion is something we as women love! We crave the newest items and trends. Well, we have a new secret that we are ready to reveal. Fetish Junkee is a hot online shoe and accessories shop that carries the latest and trendiest items any young woman could want! We had a chance to briefly chat with FJ owner Courtney Troutman to find out her inspiration, how she got started, advice to any other like-minded fashionistas, and more! We asked her to describe her style in three words. She says, “Unapologetic, Poetic, and Sensual.” The perfect combination for a woman finding her place in the world. To find out how Courtney made things happen like a Bronze Boss should, stay tuned! Courtney was born and raised in a small town in Georgia. Although from a small town, she always had big dreams. Courtney states, “I was a tomboy growing up. I was also into crafts…helping my grandma make quilts, fashion designing, and like most kids, playing teacher. However, throughout the years I became very shy, especially in crowds. I would second guess myself a lot. When it came to my peers, I appeared to be that girl on the outside looking in. I was so intimidated by a world full of “perfect people” and their sense of style.” Well, we’ve all had those moments where we felt everyone Fetish Junkee2 resizedwas against us, but as women we stand tall and prove everyone wrong.” Courtney did just that. She didn’t let the small town life push her away from the ultimate goal. She says, “I felt being from a small town would not determine my destiny. However, the big city feeling intimidated me; and the fear of failure hindered me from pursuing dreams and opportunities sooner, than later. My reflections were painted by how others saw me, but mentoring younger girls and watching them blossom into young ladies inspired me more. I wanted to demonstrate to those girls that with God and determination all things are possible. I adopted a philosophy for life, “Do not let your beauty come from how others see you; that is called failure. Your beauty should come from within; this is called faith. There is no room for both failure and faith.” I unapologetically believe in me. I am not arrogant. I am WOMAN!” Courtney Troutman is an inspiration to many young ladies. Her business is thriving and she is beating the odds against her. We asked her about her business Fetish Junkee and how she began. Here’s what she said: “Fetish Junkee caters to the BEAUTY within. Fetish Junkee inspires women to do their best, be their best, and look their best. I wanted to do something that was bigger than me. I wanted to ignite a cultural change. “Women can be both sensual in the boardroom and on the town.” Beauty is not a distraction. Beauty is POWER. I woke up one day and saw myself as an influential, beautiful young lady. Instead of deciding which to choose {Beauty or Power} I simply said, “Yes, I am {to both}.” Influential is correct. She is making women feel beautiful in their own skin. This is not something that is seen amongst young women in this generation. We wanted to know how Courtney’s family felt about her business and her success as well. She tells us, “Yes my family is very supportive. I am blessed to have the love and support from my wonderful and loving family.”

Being an African American woman in any industry is hard, but it is not impossible! We have to keep working hard for us and our families and not look for validation from the outside world. We asked Courtney how she felt about being an African American women in the fashion industry. She so eloquently stated, “Every woman, especially African American women, should be able to express themselves poetically without words. Their beauty should reflect all women, heart and soul. Their role in the fashion industry could only portray signs of strength and power for all women.”

As we dug deeper into the life of Ms. Troutman, we had to know her greatest fashion influence. She says that singer Ciara is a great influence on her style and fashion choices. We approve! We also asked Courtney where she sees Fetish Junkee in 5 years. Courtney states, “In 5 years,Fetish Junkee will have an international market.” That is definitely something to look forward too. Courtney tells us what she would tell her younger self if she could go back. She says, “You were able to conceive an idea and follow your heart. It was rough. But you kept God first in all of your endeavors and you NEVER gave up.” We asked for one last thing, advice for anyone trying to do what she did. She responded, “Never give up, do it for the love of empowering the next generation…keep God first and find strength within you.” We, at Bronze Magazine, believe in the power of this woman.

By Shuntega Meadows

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