Fashion Trend Alert: Furs

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A chic trend is coming back to the surface again. The fur look is back!  Fur is a great way to dress up any outfit. Whether your’e heading into the work place or even for a casual night out with friend, fur adds spice to a look. From fur vest to fur coats there are many different styles to choose from.  You can find furs at just about any trendy retail store or online. You can also choose between real fur and faux furs; both are beautiful! Next time you go out make sure you rock a chic, fashionable fur to complete your look!

by Dominique Jones

Check out some chic faux furs below:


Faux Furs

Faux fur coat
$90 -

Quiz faux fur coat
$67 -

Faux fur coat
$42 -

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