Fashion Recycled: Jelly Sandals

Remember when you were the coolest girl in school, because you were the first one to own a pink pair of barbie Jelly Sandals? Well, the massive fashion trend of the 1980s and 1990s is back as if it had never left! Of course the sandals have been modernized through various designs and are a perfect pitch for vintage lovers. The sandals are inexpensive, and have a long life span because they are made from PVC plastic, thus making it the perfect shoe to add to your collection! Can’t find this most loved classic? Browse through vintage online boutiques or popular websites like Amazon and eBay. Get ready for the spring as a beloved fashion trend makes a come back!

Jellies and Playsuits

JuJu pink shoes
$33 -

Statement necklace
$33 -

Dorothy Perkins belt

by Gabriela Wesley

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