Fashion Recap: Cheng Hao Collection-Couture Fashion Week, NYC

Event: Couture Fashion Week, NYC
Date: Saturday – September 12, 2015 / 6pm Showcase
Venue: The Crowne Plaza Broadway Ballroom, NYC
Designer: Cheng Hao (China) / Musician: Kong Huo
Credits: Photography & Article by S.N. Advertising

Everyone recognizes the Ying Yang symbol when they see it, but it’s not something you may normally see worn on a fashionable garment. Well, not until today. Cheng Hao is a fashion designer from China who showcased his latest collection at Couture fashion week on September 12th during the 6 pm show. Each of his models wore a black & white outfit that expressed the Ying Yang symbol in a unique way. One model started out wearing a Ying Yang top & before you know it, the top became her skirt. The crowd loved the unexpected transition and applauded before the model reached the end of the runway. Some of the other styles from this collection featured sheer tops, Ying Yang pocket books & even swimwear.
Don’t get too accustomed to the black and white outfits because before you knew it, Cheng Hao showcased a collection full of color. Some of the models wore all black garments with rainbow colored frilly bottoms while another model wore a solid red gown with matching tassel earrings. No matter what outfit was showcased, this collection kept you on your toes anticipating what was next to come. You can see images from Cheng Hao’s fashion line below.

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