Fashion Alert: Matching isn’t Old School


A lot of styles that were popular some time ago have made their way back into the market. As in my previous posts, from flared jeans to jerseys, it’s safe to say that several other antique styles are on the rise. The two item matching attire started and suddenly became the “It” thing to wear.

Sometimes worn with corresponding pattern sets, or similar colors, two item matching is bound to make a statement that will have you contemplating if you should give in to the fad. Since it is such a high fashion statement, most of the time women tend to tone it down with a pair of sandals or boots, depending on the look. Wearing this style at night allows for you to showcase a simple yet stylish look. Matching sets are a craze that may take sometime to get used to, but never disappoints when worn correctly.

by Tyshane Franisco

Matching is the Answer


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