Fashion Alert: “Its not just a Blazer”


Pieces that don’t have to be put away because of the change in weather are a woman’s holy grail. Clothing like these are unique, versatile, and create trends that are sometimes forgotten during partial parts of the year. Having more functions than one, “The Blazer,” provides the essential feel to any modern day outfit. Normally worn in formal settings, blazers have become more trendy than a pair of jeans.
The first way a blazer can be worn is in the typical work or formal environment. Mainly paired with slacks or a sleek skirt, its firm fitting provides a broad and more detailed fit. Wearing a blazer on an everyday basis can add a stylish approach one might have been searching for. When grabbing a bite to eat or attending a meeting, I take on a more relaxed fit by pairing it with a tank and boyfriend jeans. This way, the blazer brings the outfit from a mediocre 6 to a full blown 10; adding a few soft accessories wouldn’t hurt either. Last but certainly not least is the blazer worn as a dress. This style can help the woman who doesn’t have anything left to wear in her closet turn a coat into a prized possession. Paired with soft or edgy heels and a loud necklace, both styles are sure to give you the formal yet daring look you need.



Witchery white double breasted jacket
$170 -

H M blazer
$41 -

Forever New black peplum blazer
$91 -

Delpozo cream dress pants

R13 mid-rise jeans
$805 -

Manolo Blahnik suede booties

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