Fashion Alert: It’s a Wrap!

Head wraps are the ultimate fashion accessory staple that women have embraced for centuries! For those of you looking for a quick fix to your daily routine, this trend should be your go-to. Head wraps can consist of silk scarves, turbans and headbands. They come in all prints, patterns and lengths. Just choose your favorite, tie it up and you’re done! Easy. Summer months are rolling around and if you want to get some hair off your face, a head wrap should be first choice. It also serves as a great protective style option. There are so many styling methods to this never ending trend and adding accessories like nice statement earrings and stacked bangles will give you a regal look.

Head wraps originated in Sub Saharan Africa, and serve a similar purpose for African American women whom have kept head wraps alive throughout the history of America. From slavery to the runways of fashion week, head wraps will continue to thrive. It is embraced and styled beautifully by women (and sometimes men) of all cultures! The head wrap mainly covers the hair and is knotted to secure it in place. In 2016, this trend has become very diverse on the fashion scene. Many designers such as Marc Jacobs and Dolce & Gabanna have incorporated African inspired head wraps into several collections. If you haven’t gotten your head wrap, get yours today! Anybody can rock it. It goes with all occasions. Own it!
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Watch as @kilahmazing shows you 4 quick & easy ways to style a headwrap/turban

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