Is your child being bullied at school or online? Or is your child the one responsible for the bullying? Either way this negative behavior needs to be stopped. Bullying has become a rash epidemic in this country as of late, running rampant in our schools while sometimes resulting in fatal consequences for our very own children. With the exception of cyber-bullying, bully behavior is nothing new, but there is a strain of it in existence that I have never seen before. Children and young adults are taking their own lives as a result of being bullied and harassed by their peers. This crisis is so disturbing that federal laws are requiring schools to take action against bullying, and schools themselves are drafting preventive programs in order to keep their children safe.
I recently read an interesting short article on how the First Lady Michelle Obama spoke out about “adults setting the example for kids to end bullying.” I absolutely agree. Parents need to take bullying more seriously within our communities while developing more collaborative partnerships with teachers and school administrators in order to provide better solutions to this problem. We also have a responsibility to model the right behaviors in front of our children. Believe it or not, they observe and emulate the actions of adults.
Realistically it can be said that it will most likely take time before significant changes and improvements take effect in regards to bullying, but we have to start somewhere. The children that are being victimized do not need to be subjected in any way to such negative and destructive behaviors. As adults it is our responsibility to protect our children from harm, because all children deserve the right to feel safe within their school learning environment.

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