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Recently I decided to reorganize my makeup and purge some products that I don’t use or are too old. Once I reached my lippie box I noticed a huge trend, there really isn’t much variety, in color that is. Then I checked my handbag where another collection of lip products lie, and found that I’m partial to a certain family of lip color. Of course every woman should have the staples; red, nude, pink, and berries. But I now realize and accept the fact that I’m a pink girl. From lip gloss, to the stick, and down to the balm, I have every shade of pink possible.

What lip family do you reside in?
If we think about this we all have our staple that we fall back on. Are you a berry girl who loves rich tones like mauve? Are you a pink girl that likes to keep it classy but fresh? Or do you lie in the Taylor Swift range staying haute with the red family? Lastly do you like to stay in the buff?

Of course we dibble and dabble as the seasons change but even then we tend to fall back to our signature. Especially now that its warmer out and we are keeping our makeup to a minimum; our lips are telling our story at this moment. To that I say what lip family do you belong to?

by Rosalyn Robinson


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