Faith and Fashion: Keenyn’s D’Vine Perspective

By Tiarsha Harrison

Lessons in life have the power to shape us, break us or ultimately make us who we are. Young Keenyn Joplin knew a passion was stirring inside of him from an early age. He felt that life’s hard tribulations would make room for an impeccable future. “My upbringing in Ann Arbor, Michigan definitely has everything to do with where I am today, he shares. “I was raised by a single grandmother who took my brother and I in, due to my mom being on and off drugs pretty much her whole life. My grandmother was the real deal of the Joplin family in Michigan. It was tough to grow up in a middle class area where we didn’t have the same perks as my peers. It definitely affected us and we knew grandma was doing the best she could and it was rewarding knowing that we had each other.”

 Joplin decided very early on that he would use his trials as a platform to overcome things and bounce back. He was resilient and a role model for his brother and the entire family. “I’m trying to change the mold and dynamic of things. I was the first one to graduate college. I want everyone to know that it is possible to make it through any circumstance or obstacle.”

So, Joplin, a broke college student, embarked on his first coming of age experience that would later set the foundation of his future empire. “Graduating college in 2009 from Michigan State, the state of Michigan had one of the worst employment rates in the country and I wanted to embrace a city of culture, so I decided to move to Miami, Florida. I liked what the city had to offer and I knew it would help me grow, adapt and further shape and mold me into the man I wanted to be.”

Great things happen when you least expect it. Taking a leap of faith can end up driving us into our purpose and calling. “Funny story, I was on my way to the downtown library and a young gentleman complimented me on my outfit, which was bizarre because I didn’t find Miami to have the friendliest people. So we started chatting, and from there we formed a strong bond; he actually gave me the idea of becoming a personal shopper stylist. He gave me his blessing to incorporate and present the name, D’vine Perspective. I’ll give him a shoutout – TD Bishop Clark from Life Changers International Church.”

D’vine Perspective can be found in Hollywood, Florida and they cater to every walk of life and their styling needs. “D’vine Perspective provides a unique concierge styling service for gentlemen. We offer any styling you need – custom clothing, event styling, personal styling, wardrobe consultation, an outfit for a party, corporate event, or wedding. It’s like how people have car insurance and health insurance policies – this service you want to actually use for the benefit of your satisfaction. We can meet our clients at their homes, offices, worksites, Starbucks – making it easier and more comfortable for them.”

As a styling business, D’vine Perspective is welcoming to all walks of life: younger, older, doctors, lawyers, celebrities, athlete’s – status doesn’t matter. You can come as you are and feel confident. The primary goal is to walk out being able to express your individuality through your own personal sense of style. As the company continues to flourish, the only direction from here is up. “I hope to continue to style video shoots, fashion shows, and essentially be a part of people’s everyday lives. I will continue to build the brand, satisfy the clients and give exceptional customer service. D’vine Perspective is only a call away!”

The movement can be found on the website, D’Vine Perspective LLC, which is the main platform that illustrates extraordinary fashion takes. The journey can also be found on Twitter at @d_vine_style and on facebook at D’Vine Perspective LLC. “It’s a quick reference guide of fashion dos and don’ts and shopping tips. We are in the era of technology – the best way to grow your fans is by having a social presence where you provide the best insight at their fingertips.”

It’s important to give honor where honor is due. “Foremost, God is the backbone and driving factor of the entire business. My grandmother played a huge part in my upbringing, and then there’s TD Clark – the three of them alone continue to inspire and elevate me to move and grow, and for that I am forever grateful.”

“The best advice I have for young people is to stay with it, you do not have to conform to the norm. As a creative, stay creative. Stay authentic and continue to chase your dreams. Stay your course, do not let society box you in, and surround yourself around positive people. Energy is big! Lastly, stay humble and grounded, and know that you are impacting your community for the better.

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