By sustainable business and living expert/contributor L. Denise Jackson

There are so many factors to having a sustainable business. Today, I am going to share how important extraordinary experiences are to your sustainable success.
There are three extraordinary factors that will affect your businesses sustainment. So let’s explore them and how you can use them to expand and excel.
The first is to recognize the extraordinary experience. If you are in a place, event, or meeting and know it is your norm. Approach it that way. Be prepared for extraordinary results and capture them. Prepare for your event and know who will be there so you know who you need to me. Know why they need to meet before you approach them.
The second factor you should consider is the extraordinary people you have the opportunity to be intimate with and may be able to extend your conversation into a lasting business relationship.
When you meet someone do you look for qualifiers or disqualifiers? Do you know what you bring to a partnership or collaboration potential? Know these answers when you have this opportunity.
That last is the factor of extraordinary action. Whether you have an extraordinary moment or not, you can have extraordinary actions that recreate or introduce the experience you want. Do you want lemonade or a mojito lemonade? Do you want to throw on some dollar store make-up or use customized complexion make-up? Do you want ice cream or a triple-scoop sundae?
Your extraordinary experience can foster and support unrealistic results. How will you take hold of that experience and use it for your sustainable business success.
Make a decision and implement one of the factors by the end of the month.
L. Denise Jackson, Founder and CEO of three businesses, LDJ Solutions, LLC, The Professional Green Network and the new L. Denise Jackson – The Ideation Expert is a professional speaker, business idea strategist, consultant, and sustainable solutionist, with upcoming virtual and in-person events to add success to your business and your life. Be on the lookout for her new book!
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