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"Euphoria" Inspired Makeup

By Nicollette Samuels

The new HBO show, Euphoria, has created an insurgence of makeup creativity in the beauty community on YouTube and Instagram. The drama, starring Zendaya, revolves around a group of eccentric teenagers trying to navigate the world today while dealing with their own personal struggles, such as addiction, depression, abuse, and sexuality, along with the typical teenage experiences. While the show may have grim overtones, one of the things that shines is the makeup.

The show has some of the most unique makeup looks on television. Euphoria’s head makeup artist, Doniella Davy and makeup artist, Kirsten Coleman have created the colorful, sparkly, and bold looks that social media is buzzing about. Each look on the show is completely different, and they always incorporate something out of the ordinary. Some of the most popular looks from Euphoria include rhinestones. Rhinestones and cat eyes have become a signature for the character Maddy, whose fierce personality is shown through her makeup and wardrobe. Another one of her looks even included gold chains as eyeliner, so you know she is not afraid to take risks. Color is also huge in the show’s makeup. Bright and bold eyeshadow and liner are seen on multiple characters, but for the character Jules, her makeup takes on a more artistic approach by playing around with shapes and drawing with eyeliner. Her eye makeup almost resembles a painting. The makeup artists really keep the character’s personalities in mind when creating looks for the show, trying to match their outward appearances to how they are feeling on the inside. The free-spirited Jules (Hunter Schafer), the innocence of Cassie (Sydney Sweeney), the fierce Maddy (Alexa Demie), the depressed Rue (Zendaya), and insecurities of Kat ( Barbie Ferreira) are all expressed through the makeup.

Viewers saw the ingenuity of the makeup and decided to recreate some of the looks from the show. Many beauty influencers have made YouTube and Instagram tutorials on specific characters and created the “Euphoria Inspired Makeup” trend. It doesn’t just stop there; the show has also inspired Halloween costumes and even makeup at New York Fashion Week for designers like Anna Sui, Cynthia Rowley, Marc Jacobs, Pyer Moss, and more. Euphoria has had such an impact in beauty and fashion and has created some of the most influential makeup trends of 2019. Hopefully they will continue to inspire for seasons to come.

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