Entrepreneur Nichole Wright Creates “Satrell”: A Cosmetics Brand For Everyone

By Priyanka Hardikar

Nichole Wright began her cosmetics line, “Satrell,” with a clear vision: She wanted to create a brand that embodied real confidence for all women and instilled the message: “I’m here. I’m not going to be afraid to show who I am,” Nichole said. Her collection of nail polish and lip gloss supports sensitive skin, compliments different skin tones, and does not use any harsh chemicals or strong odors. Her products are also vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

In a family of entrepreneurs, Nichole quickly discovered she wanted to start her own business in cosmetics – what she considers an industry of creative expression. But for a couple of years, she put it off. She listened to her doubts and insecurities about becoming an entrepreneur, and not the small voice inside her that told her to just go for it, to show up as her true self – no matter the outcome. “I kept saying I’m not going to do it, and I let every obstacle stand in my way,” Nichole admits. What helped Nichole move past her inner dialogue was seeing the entrepreneurs of her family in action. Just being around them, she learned how to deal with customer service, all the vendors they go through, how they generate revenue and expenses, and how they manage their time. She learned that she could do it, too.

Even though Nichole’s background is in finance, not chemistry, she had a good idea of what she wanted in her products – and also, where she would draw the line. “You can never rush this process,” Nichole said. She worked with different vendors to make sure she knew every ingredient that was going into her products, with the intention to always create long-lasting, moisturizing and hydrating products, products that others could fully trust in. Her lip glosses, for example, are mineral-based and have Vitamin E in them, which is so beneficial for the skin.

Nichole’s collection includes a variety of shades intended to match not only different skin tones, but also, different moods. For a reminder that you are already enough: try the soft, peachy “bloom gracefully” nail polish or the deep purple “exudes radiance” nail polish. For a mental escape, try the “tropical getaway” nail polish. If you’re in the mood for neutral, but with just the right amount of sparkle: try “what’s nude.” If you are starting something new, try the fearless shade of “coral intentions” lip gloss that pops with purpose. If it is gloomy outside, create your own sunshine with the “bold and beautiful” nail polish. Whatever it is, Nichole’s brand is there to help women become more confident in themselves. “Don’t worry about what anyone says, or thinks of you. Be true to yourself,” she said.

Eventually, Nichole wants to showcase more of her products in trade shows and pitch to retail shops, like Ulta. She hopes to expand her collection to include different cosmetic items (lipsticks, liquid lip mattes and eyeshadow palettes) and even other industries, like apparel. Her two boys, 11 and 17, are interested in starting an athletic line. “They’re learning at a young age that it’s good to have something that you can call your own,” Nichole said.

The name “Satrell” blends together her youngest son’s name, Samuel and her oldest son’s name, Dontrell – the blessings in her life. Samuel and Dontrell remind Nichole of what Satrell represents. They remind her that what we care about is always worth pursuing, and what we create worth sharing.

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