Empath Uses Her Gifts to Empower Women of Color to Fulfill Their Purpose

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Denay Dominic is a Public Speaker, Life Coach, and Blogger, she teaches women of color about empathy, self-awareness and preservation.

Dominic grew up with the awareness that she had the gift to feel and empathize  intensely with others. “I’ve always had certain gifts like clairvoyance and clairsentience. I had some type of empathic abilities as God guides since the third grade.”

She says what she does and feels is not just understanding and empathizing with others but she can feel their pain too – like a psychic. People don’t need her gift to feel empathy, they can be in tune with themselves to live an empathetic life.

An empath Dominic says is, “Someone who is highly in tune with the emotions of other people, tuned to the emotions and energies of the planet Earth,” she said. “In general, an empath is someone who is extremely in tune of the other.

Dominic started her professional career in 2008 and realized the job had the ability to drain her energy. Before helping others, she had to learn to understand how to protect her energy from being drained and keep herself from absorbing negative energy from others.

So, she sought additional help, “I had informal training with a spiritualist that I come into contact with, as well as tools that were provided by certain [books] authors.”

Armed with this knowledge she came up with ways to help others. As a public speaker she provides these tools so others can protect their energy and self.

The first tool Dominic says is imagining a “Golden Bubble”— where one visualizes a bubble around themselves. This tool is designed to preserve one’s energy from draining out and at the same time shielding themselves from the incoming toxic energy from others.

According to Dominic the second technique is visualizing a “Ring of Fire” around oneself.  “So that when your energy is leaving you, it gets burned before it goes to somebody else and then vice versa.”

For example, “Somebody else is having, you know, an emotionally charged moment, then that energy will be burned in the fire before it reaches me,” she said.

The third technique Dominic suggests, and practices is “Where I imagine a large body of water, which prevents negative energy from coming to me, the water will flush and drown it away.”

According to Dominic, these tools of self-preservation need conscious awareness and regular practice, “It’s similar to meditation, you have to practice meditation for five to 10 minutes a day and then it becomes something where you’re not even consciously doing it because it’s a habit, like breathing.”

Being mindful, emotionally intelligent by focusing on the positives and blocking negative thoughts helps people live better lives, according to Dominic.

She suggests these practices also while communicating with narcissists among us who have the ability to drain us emotionally and mentally which could sometimes lead to fatal thoughts.

People often fail to see the toxic harm caused by such people. “A narcissistic friend or a person whose relationship was putting them through, and they don’t realize that really it’s just a matter of getting out or taking control of the situation.”

Dominic says that, recognizing oneself, understanding, indulging in who they are is important.

 “I’ve seen people come to the understanding that, if they allow themselves to authentically be who they are, then they will become much happier in their daily life, because they’re no longer worried about what other people are thinking about them and they are living their life in alignment with what their soul or what their spirit feels is right for them.”

Dominic encourages people to get help either from a life coach [mentor] or a therapist [certified professional.]

She has more courses planned in the future with Reiki healing sessions and engaging in personal interactions with her clients to help them. She advises them to be aware of who they surround themselves with.

“With anyone new that you meet, you know, you just keep your eyes open and have that discernment. You know, allow yourself to feel the love and keep your heart chakra open,” Dominic says.

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