Eighth Month Means New Beginnings

By Patrice Rivers

The year is almost gone and there is still much more that needs to be done. The goal for every year is to write down a list and try your best to accomplish them within that whole year. Whether they are long-term goals or short-term goals get motivated regardless! What are some things that you have planned to accomplish for this year? It may be starting your new business, finding a new job that you are passionate about, writing a new book or even enrolling in online classes.  Those are some great goals, don’t you agree? In the bible it talks about the number eight, meaning a new beginning and a new creation. Even if you didn’t have much success starting your new business or writing your book, it doesn’t mean that it won’t get done. The month of August brings new creations. It is never too late to accomplish your goals! Here are some ways that you can maintain your focus during the month of new beginnings.

Pray about it! God answers all prayers, so by spending time with God and telling him what your heart desires, you are giving Him permission to intervene with your plans. Even if you didn’t succeed the first seven months of the year, it’s not the time to give up now! Tell God your plans and ask Him for guidance.

Stay focused during this open season! The key thing to achieving your goals and succeeding at them is by staying focused. If your goal is to write a new book, then you must be mentally and physically focused to dedicating a few hours of the day to write. This is a brand new season, so take your shot and stay focused! What do you do to keep focused?

Block ALL Distractions! A lot of people struggle with this because there are so many distractions out there, especially on social media. For me personally, social media is used for getting new clients for my brand and promoting my work. I can’t afford to lose my sanity or my inner peace. So, if you have people in your life, whether it’s on your job, at your church or even on your social media pages, who are major distractions and have no desire to be positive, get rid of them! Block them! Do what you have to do to stay at peace and keep your inner peace refreshed. 

Stay Positive! Whatever you do, remember to keep smiling and to stay positive! Sometimes this can be difficult because I’ve experienced this first hand and let me tell you, I’ve had some days where I just wanted to quit my brand and my magazine because I felt that people weren’t supporting like I want them to. But now I am mentally training my mind and my thoughts to stay positive and not think negative. Hard right? I know the feeling, but if you want a fresh new start in getting that business off the ground or to finish that book, you got to keep an open and positive mind. 

A new month means a new everything! A new mind! A new beginning! A new friendship! A new relationship! A New YOU! So pray about it, stay focused by blocking all distractions and most importantly, stay positive! Until the next time Bronze Beauties! Be Blessed!

Patrice Rivers is an author of seven books, a self-publisher, a blogger, a writer and a journalist.  Be sure to visit her website to learn more about That Riverz Gurl Brand at www.patricerivers.com

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